About Us - Магазин "Авангард" - Пънк, готик, емо, метъл мода. Дрехи по поръчка на конкурентни цени

About Us

Welcome to our on-line shop "Avangard"


The shop "Avangard" was created in 2002 in town of Varna , as small family bussines.
From the beginning we are specialized in production and trade with metal,punk,gothicq emo clothes.
As a priority for as is quality and correctness with our clients.

Today "Avangard" keeps charm, love and that intimacy, which makes every clote that we make special.
"Avangard" developed special line as well as in over coats, and shirts,pants, tops, skirts, suimming suits, dresses.

Our prises are very wide and spread all over things of consumtion - from popular to luxurious article of trade.
The value of our clotes are our clients - the people which gives live to clothes that we make.

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